Self Drive

The Self Drive Area of Transportation is best suited for Smaller Groups which comprises of Two to Four Golfers. Self-drive groups of more than four golfers will require two or more vehicles to maintain maximum comfort levels.

Before choosing this option, it is recommended that you understand the factors that are involved. As you may be aware these include: driving on the left hand side of the road & the less than excellent condition of particular Irish roads amongst others.

A wide range of Vehicles are suitable for groups of various sizes (from 2 to 4 golfers) and they range from Compact Vehicles (i.e. Toyota Corolla) to Luxury Vehicles (i.e. Volvo or Mercedes) & these are available in Manual & Automatic Transmission.

Chauffeur Driven

This Option is best suited to groups of 4 Golfers upwards. There is so much to say about having a Dedicated Driver for your Golfing Holiday. Firstly, it takes away the pressures of driving on strange roads & rushing to catch your tee – time (on different side of road!) along with giving you a chance to sample some of the wonderful countryside & a 19th Hole Pint of Guinness.

Another advantage of this type of Transport is that it enables Non Golfers to sightsee whilst the Golfers are plying their trade on the Great Links of & the Local Knowledgeable Driver will be on hand to give the Sightseer’s a guided tour.

Obviously, this Option is more expensive than the Self Drive Option but for the Difference, it is more than worthwhile. Depending on the size of the Group, the Type’s of Vehicle range from a Caravelle (designed for Four Golfers) to a range of Luxurious Coaches to suit the size of the Group. All of the Luxurious Coaches for Groups of 8 & upwards would have Leather Seats, Tables, Air Conditioning, TV & DVD amongst others.


Helicopter Travel

Helicopter Travel, although not the cheapest of travel options, certainly is a fantastic way of visiting Ireland in style. It is particularly useful in such cases that you have a short trip & are trying to fit in 36 Holes a Day. For Instance, if you wished to play Waterville Golf Links in the morning & Portmarnock Golf Club in the afternoon, by road it would take you six hours, by Air no more the 75 minutes, time for Lunch before your second 18!

Another advantage of using Helicopter Travel is that it enables you to see Ireland from it’s best vantage point, from the sky!

Examples of Distances between Golf Courses

Ballybunion to Waterville:
30 Mins (by Air) 120 Mins (by Road)
Portmarnock to Royal Co. Down:
35 Mins 140 Mins
Mount Juliet to Old Head:
45 Mins 190 Mins
Killarney to the K Club:
80 Mins 250 Mins